Monday, 26 August 2013

Very Beautiful Arabic Mehndi

Assalamualikum frnds!!!Coloring your hand with henna patterns, using Arabic Mehandi Designs has been a popular practice. The design is largely based on flower shapes; the way they turn out will of course depend on the skill of the person rendering it. In fact there are people who specialize in the art form,Specially dubai girls or say beauty professionals...

Now a days these designs became very popular in India too.If you want a really intricate henna pattern on your hand, you really have to seek the services of an expert who is adept at rendering henna designs.These henna patterns have become a favorite because they look beautiful and are simpler to render on your hand as compared to the traditional henna patterns. The floral motif dominates the Arabic Mehandi designs in a very bold way, making it simpler to design and then transform to the hand. Another advantage of choosing a large floral pattern is that part of the skin on your palm also shows through, unlike Pakistani or Indian designs which tend to cover the hand....!!!